Federal Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

  • I got hurt on the job, why is my claim not approved? – When you first get hurt you are involved in an adjudication process with the OWCP. You must prove your case. You can not rely on your agency or just your union to help. The OWCP requires specific, factual and MEDICAL EVIDENCE before they will accept your claim.

  • Can I change Doctors without being penalized? – Yes, you can go to any credentialed OWCP physician that is willing to work with federal work comp.

  • What kind of initial claim should I file for my work injury? – If you had an accident or an event at work that caused an injury, you should file form CA-1 immediately. If your injury occurred over a longer period of time (greater than one(1) work day then you should file form (CA-2) for an occupational disease. This can sometime be confusing and proper medical support and legal advice is vital.

  • After I got injured, how do I get paid? – If you filed a CA-1 (traumatic injury claim) within 30 day of your injury, you are automatically entitled to 45 calendar day of pay if you provide medical evidence for your absence because of your work injury. If you file form CA-2 (occupational disease claim) you must file form CA-7 every two weeks to get paid. Remember that you will not get paid until your claim is approved.

  • Can I be reimbursed for travel expenses and out of pocket expenses related to my work injury? – Yes, Use OWCP form 957 for travel reimbursement and OWCP form 951 other out of pocket expenses related to your injury.